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Why should I choose Landmark Inspection Services, LLC?


All UPCS, Pre-REAC and 100% inspections are preformed in accordance with the REAC/PASS/UPCS 4.0 Inspection Protocol.  Each of our certified inspectors have been conducting REAC inspections for at least 5 years, are proven inspectors, and have been through the QA process dozens of times, they are considered ‘old salts’ in the industry. 


What does the Pre-REAC Inspection entail?


Your Inspection includes a comprehensive analysis of all five inspectable areas:  Site, Exteriors, Systems, Common Areas, and Dwelling Units.  Landmark uses inspection software tailored exclusively to mirror HUD’s RAPID 4.0 software.  This software coupled with our inspectors experience delivers a powerful tool for you to use in managing your time and money when preparing for your official REAC inspection. 

Within a few days after your physical inspection, you will receive a detailed inspection report.  A copy of each Site Specific Inspection Report is issued in both a spiral bound booklet and an electronic copy on CD-Rom.  If necessary, Exigent Health & Safety and Exigent Life Threatening Health & Safety forms are distributed directly after each inspection day, and copies are provided in the report booklet.   As an added benefit, work orders are generated by the software and provided with your report.


What does the Inspection Report contain?


Along with the property’s Final Score, the report provides scoring summaries which are broken down into the five inspectable areas, illustrating both the Possible Points your specific property could earn in an Inspectable Area and the Points Scored in that Inspectable Area. 

The report is broken down further and clearly documents the Points Deducted for each Inspectable Item, the Deficiency, its location, and the exact UPCS Dictionary Definition of the finding. The report clearly shows the Item Weight of your property specific Inspectable Item Deficiency along with its Criticality Level (1-5), its Severity Level (1-3), and the amount of points deducted. Photos are incorporated into your report capturing images of the property including the buildings, the property sign, some common areas and units, and all Level 3 Deficiencies and Health & Safety Items.  Work orders are generated for every deficiency found during an inspection, and graphs are generated to help with identifying problem areas. 


How can this improve the performance of my staff and increase my score?


During the inspection, Landmark Inspectors use their extensive knowledge to provide on-site instruction for the management and/or maintenance personnel who accompany him during the inspection.  Landmark Inspectors will allow time for your staff to address easy-fix items identified during the inspection.  Exigent Health & Safety and Exigent Life Threatening Health & Safety forms are distributed directly after the inspection each day, so these items can be immediately remedied by the maintenance staff. Work orders are generated for every deficiency found during an inspection; this will enable you to prioritize the items to be fixed and develop a time line for the necessary repairs.  The work orders provide the location and definition of each item.  They can be systematically distributed to your maintenance personnel or contractors, allowing them to tackle the heavier weighted items first and then move to the less significant findings. 

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