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Rent Reasonableness Surveys (RRS) will be completed for requested properties. The RRS will be completed according to HUD guidelines and on forms approved by HUD.



Landmark Inspection Services Delivers


Landmark staff determines Rent Reasonableness in accordance with HUD requirements, before the housing authority enters into a HAP contract, before any increase in rent to the owner, or if there is a 5% decrease in the FMR in effect 60 days before the contract anniversary as compared with the FMR in effect one year before the contract anniversary date


Our staff performs all aspects of the rent reasonableness

and collect all needed data


We utilize a Rent Reasonableness system that fosters SEMAP Indicator #2


We also measure rents taking all nine of HUDís factors into consideration (location, size, type, quality and age, amenities, housing services and maintenance, and utilities provided by the owner under the lease).



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Why choose Landmark over other companies? 


Landmark Inspection Services, LLC is a highly efficient company that will provide your housing authority and its clients with personalized service.  At any time throughout the contract, you will be able to converse with the LLC members to ensure that you are receiving your inspection services to your exact specifications.  Landmark will work within your software to enable you to keep all of the inspection information in house.  This will allow your staff to have immediate access to inspection information in real time Ė 24 hours a day.

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