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Certified HUD/REAC/UPCS Inspectors


Certified Specialist of Inspection Housing Quality Standards (CSI-HQS)


Certified FHA Multi-Family Construction Inspector s


USDA - Low Income Housing Tax Credit Property Inspectors


Licensed Home Inspectors


Certified American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)


Past Chapter Secretaries, Persident & Legislative Liaison of ASHI





Landmark Inspection Services, LLC is a woman business enterprise that has been in business since 1998 and has been working with HUD and the Real Estate Assessment Center since the inception of REACís PHAS pilot program.  In 2000, Landmark joined NAHRO and began offering its services to State and Local Housing Agencies throughout the United States. Landmark Inspections Services, LLC is a Certified Government Contractor who routinely conducts HQS - Housing Quality Standards Inspections, UPCS - Uniform Physical Standard Inspections, Pre-REAC Inspections,

FHA - Federal Housing Administration Inspections, USDA - Rural Development Inspections and Multi-Family Construction Inspections throughout the United States. 

During our fifteen years of operation, we have performed hundreds of thousands of unit inspections and have inspected thousands of residential and commercial multi-family properties throughout the United States.† Landmark also performs commercial construction inspections for both single family and multi-family properties. 



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Landmark inspection services


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